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150 urban buses adapted to the geomorphology of Yaounde to be in circulation by February!

The government of Cameroon signed a contract with Portuguese bus construction company; Irmaos Mota Trans Africa, in August last year for the provision of urban buses to Cameroon.  The portugues company would provide Cameroon with 150 ultramodern air-conditioned buses to be used in Yaounde and Limbe only.

The buses would be in circulation by ending February. The minister of transport; Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o, already tested the buses in a routine check last week.

The project is said to run for 10 years, and costs 17 billion Frs. The government will own 10% of the shares and will spend 1.7 billion Frs to subsidize the transport fare for Cameroonians.

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