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18years old Cameroonian student; Xaviera Nguefo Kowo, uses Artificial intelligence to create a robot which serves as an innovative solution to manage garbage lying around in public spaces!


#BetaPipol 18years old Xaviera Nguefo Kowo, a level 200 University Student, studying Computer science, has created an innovative solution for the management of garbage lying around in public spaces.

She participated in a competition organized by ‘The Day of the Digital Woman.’ A platform that highlights the full potential of women in the field of new technology.

During the Tech competition, the young programmer impressed the jury by creating a robot which is capable of processing any waste material on its path, by transporting it to a specific area (garbage can, recycling center, etc.)

She won the competition and earned herself the Margaret Junior Africa Award for the 2021 edition of the competition.

Watch a video of her giving details about herself and her robot, courtesy of Africa News Agency:

Congratulations 🎊

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