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2 BIR agents get arrested for their involvement in an armed robbery scene in Limbe!

BetaPipol 2 BIR soldiers dey di warm space for ngata now so bicos dey catch dem di tif for Limbe!!

On Friday, armed robbers dey burst for some snack bar for Limbe, tif from mendem way dey be di feel free inside the spot. Take dier money, dier tindem plus some one e car keys.

Unfortunately for the tif pipo dem, CCTV cameras dey dey inside the Snack. Na tru dat CCTV cameras dem way dey spot dat 2 BIR soldiers. Na BIR soldiers dem way dey be dey on duty for Man ‘O War Bay for Limbe dey. Dier names dem na: NSANGOU HIPPOLITE Youssouf and MBIDA MENGNENG LEGRAND.

The oda paddyman way be dey wit dem for the robbery no be BIR soldier. E don squaler!

Una see video of the robbery scene, as the CCTV cameras dey capturam:

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