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2 Cameroonians arrested in India for scamming

BENGALURU: A gang of four — two Cameroonians and two security guards— were arrested for allegedly creating fake websites offering to sell sundry items, from Covid-19 medicines to foreign-bred pups, and cheating people who placed orders.

The accused are Egbe Hubert Enow, 28, and Collins Ncha, 24, residents of Kammanahalli, and associates Badrul Hassan Laskar, 24, and Deedarul Alom Barbuyya, 24, staying in Jayanagar and from Assam.

The Cameroonians came to Bengaluru a few months ago on a tourist visa. They met Laskar and Barbuyya when they visited an ATM.

“The foreigners sought the guards’ help to open bank accounts; the guards got 10% commission for every fraudulent transaction the Cameroonians did through the accounts,” an investigating officer said.

On a tip, Banashankari police raided a house in Jayanagar and arrested the four. “We seized over 30 debit cards of various banks. Investigation revealed the two Cameroonians had opened several fake websites and cheated hundreds of people,” a police officer said.

Cops said the gang would post advertisements on social media offering foreign-bred pups through site. They offered ‘medicines’ for Covid-19 and other diseases as well as electronic gadgets through some other websites. Gullible customers would place orders by transferring funds to the accounts opened or managed by Badrul and Deedarul .

Egbe and Collins confessed to their crime but said they had no money with them. “We suspect they converted their illegal earnings into bitcoins and transferred them,” another investigating officer said.

Source: The Voice News

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