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2 more gendarmes shot dead in the North West!

After the incident in Jakiri, where some youths seized a gendarme officer’s gun, shot him and escaped with his gun, the forces of law and order vigorously went out to instill order, causing stiff tension in Bamenda and neighboring cities in the North West.

On the night of Tuesday breaking today; Wednesday morning several gunshots were heard in Bamenda , Bafut, and other cities in the North West.

Hooded youths with arms, are reported to have gotten into a gun firing exchange with forces of law and order.

Two gendarme officers are reported dead in the exchange, named; René Hinma and David Sallé. One of them was shot at a control post in Mile 10 Bafut and the other was shot around Up Station Bamenda.

Some reports claim some innocent civilians also lost their lives to stray bullets.

The alleged killers of the two gendarmes are on the run. They are suspected of being radical activists of the Anglophone crisis. Forces of law and order are doing their best to track them.

At this point, Bamenda is reportedly calm.

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