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2018 Presidential election: ANDP Party throws weight behind CPDM

The National Alliance for Democracy and Progress, (NADP) has thrown its support to President Paul Biya, candidate of the ruling CPDM party.
The party reached the decision on Monday during an executive committee meeting in Yaounde presided over by the National Chairman Hamadou Moustapha, to reveal the party’s choice of candidate ahead of the 7 October presidential election.
In a final communiqué after the meeting, the party justified its choice of candidate, citing Paul Biya’s ability to consolidate peace and living together, the economic stability of the nation, the construction of various roads and energy infrastructure, as well as the creation of hospitals and universities.
The National Alliance for Democracy and Progress believes all these strides are enough for them to accompany the Head of State for another mandate in order to complete other projects he has started.
ANDP is the latest opposition party to rally behind the Head of State after 20 other opposition parties came together last Friday to throw their weight behind the CPDM’s candidate.
Photo credit: journal du cameroun
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