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5 Things to Know about Orange Pulse During Covid-19 Crisis

During the health crisis, Orange Cameroon was among the first corporate citizens to mobilize to assist the Cameroonian youths. Thanks to its platform Orange Pulse, several actions were launched to support students during the confinement period and help them prepare for the end of year and competitive entrance exams.  

-Orange Pulse launched the « Répétiteur 2.0 » and « Tutor 2.0 » programs to enable confined students stay updated academically. It’s a humouristic program with Hector Flandrin and Senior Pastor but with a didactic aim.

-On the youth platform Orange Pulse, students could get access to past exam questions free of charge in order to better prepare for their exams.

-On the Pulse platform, the youths equally had the opportunity to enjoy free of charge educative content notably a wide range of books online on various subjects. 

-With Orange Pulse, students had good internet deals to help them carry on with school research from home and better prepare for end of year and competitive entrance exams.

-A list of competitive entrance exams was published to give them the opportunity to prepare and sit for any of them.

Orange Pulse is the biggest youth platform in Kamer on 

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