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“50% Of Domestice Violence Is Provoked By Women” Says Actress Monalisa Chinda

Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda who was a guest on a TV channel called “The Other News” emphasized on the fact that 50% of domestic violence is provoked by women. According to the actress,most women contribute to their husband’s violent actions as they  have an uncanny way with words and know just how to get under a man’s skin with their mouth.
She advised women to refrain from provoking their men to the point where they begin to use their fists by telling them that silence most times is the best way to quench a burning fire. She went further to say that women should not always sit quiet and not express their minds but that there are suitable ways and moments to do so.Also that the tone and words used to express their mind is very important and should be chosen wisely.
She also indicated that she has been involved in the campaign against domestic violence but would advise ladies to play their own role in avoiding it.

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