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6 way to handle adversity, appreciate identity & celebrate triumph with Myra Maimoh!

Myra’s sophomore album Uniq is now released
and available on all major online platforms and it is quite the masterpiece for
many different reasons. Very rarely does an artist try to, and succeed in
accomplishing so many things in a 6 song EP.
We are taken to the very essence of who the
artist is, and what her musical range and influences have been. A marked departure
from her first album, Uniq tells a compelling story of power through adversity
and identifying one’s voice and identity; you get the feeling Myra is singing
as much to herself as she is to other people. A conviction in message carries
throughout the album.
‘A No Go Tire’ is a musical gem that sets the stage for Myra’s believe
in finding a home in God and those who matter, as you go through life’s
adversity. This song is so beautiful that the instrumentals are just as
powerful as the lyrics, no wonder she includes instrumentals as a separate
track. Myra sticks to her own version of soul which lends itself to her
understated vocal range and ability. She lets the song come to her. Her message
of hope shines through as the Spanish guitar takes centre stage – simply
She ratcheted things up with ‘On Va Danser’, which is as smooth an
afrobeat-rnb track as there is out there. Her Cameroonian and African roots
shines through the drums and bilingual lyrics. A call to dance and make merry
in appreciation of her motherland.
‘Feh Vitavivi’ is the track that settles you down to into your soulful
place. It lets Myra’s voice carry the track as she explores the idea of
emerging with power in a mix of English and one of the languages of her
fatherland. The musical cadence of the song and instruments transpose you into
a different sphere of relaxation and inflection – a true ‘listener’s’ song if
ever there was any.
She brings the power and energy back with the most complex song in the
repertoire as we are transported by ‘Beau Parleur’ into a festival of drums,
and percussions, and counter rhythms for which African music is so widely
noted. Smooth talker acts as a counter weight to the more extravagant promise
songs of the RnB world. Her play on the empty promises, that people are usually
are subjected to shows the mind and thinking of the singer philosopher, all
combined in a festival for the ears and work for the feet! Breathtaking is the
word that comes to mind.
Her title track, Uniq which has a newly released video shot in Cameroon
by renowned Adah Akenji, is one for the ages. A hip hop packed girl power
anthem which still has some Africa infused into it. Here, we see Myra the
vocalist let loose – her adlibs and octave changes are only matched in
effectiveness by the sick bass drops and catchy chorus – all this while still
delivering a message of uniqueness and belief to every young girl and lady who
dares listen to themselves and their own abilities.  Uniq, her most cross
over song delivers to a wider audience of listeners, but it still stays true to
who she is in delivering a positive message!
The album rounds up with a collaboration reggae hip-hop track ‘Faraway’
with the sultry and sensationally lazy voice of Tboi. Once more a song sang in
yet another language – pidgin, but a song that shows Myra the vocalist unafraid
to share the spotlight with another powerful artist. A song of hope that makes
us know wherever we are in our struggles, or successes are not that far away.
You round up the album with instrumentals by enjoying the genius and
various influences of the talented and international producers who collaborated
to make this album so simply, ‘Uniq’. 
Uniq the album, is a triumph in the S-trifecta – Sound, Song, Soul. It
leaves you quite wanting more but not being unsatisfied. An album well worth is
price tag and more.
Two thumbs up!
Myra Maimoh was born in Bamenda, the North West Region
of Cameroon (in West Central Africa) where she grew up in an average Christian
family home with her parents and siblings. With her mother being her greatest
musical influence through the records she owned, Myra Maimoh grew up with
artists such as Skeeter Davies, James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong.
She was also heavily influenced by her Mother’s love for African blues through
to Country music, traditional African music to Jazz and pop and it was no
surprise that Myra started singing and dancing, while still in preschool at the
age of 3.
Uniq is now released and available on all major online
platforms as per links below. Click below to listen:
Get Uniq on all the other online music platforms by clicking the links below: 
Myra contact:
Instagram: @myramaimoh
Twitter: @myramaimoh

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