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7 years old Tracy, a victim of the ongoing Anglophone Crisis, in pain after sustaining a bullet on her ankle. This is her story:

The Association of Cameroon English Speaking Bloggers(ACESB), to which is a member, has decided to get involved in effectively helping those who are victims of the ongoing Anglophone Crisis, by shedding light on individual stories, with a follow up on how to help the victims.

The first of such cases, is 7 years old Tracy. As narrated by her father, Mr Gamnje Ebenezer Ndi, this is her story:

Tracy before the incident

“It was on a chilly Monday(ghost town) on the 3/09/2018 at about 11am CET in the morning, when the horrific incident happened. 

After having a family  brunch they took off enroute to Foumban from Bamenda, to go and prepare for school.

“They” above refers to my friend, his daughter and my daughter(Tracy).

Arriving at S-bend  around Foncha Junction Bamenda, my friend heard a sound from behind.  
Thinking it was a flat tire,  he slowed down to check.  Unfortunately for them, four more bullets were fired at them, this time from the side of the car.

Luck was not on their side so, my friend was mildly touched by the bullet and my daughter was the greater victim.

Her own impact was so severe that all the flesh around her ankle was gone leaving just traces of a bone and nerve ligament. 

At this juncture, a God-sent bike was passing by who helped to carry them to the regional hospital in Bamenda where they received urgent medical attention.  

While in Bamenda, my friend quickly regained his fitness but my daughter spent two weeks of pains and trauma. 

After this period of time we thought it wise to move her to the regional hospital, Bafoussam since the town of Bamenda was still in serious chaos because of the ongoing crisis, that put her in that state in the first place. 

So far,  we’ve already  spent close to 2 months in the hospital. 

We’re currently in the regional hospital, Bafoussam where she is under intensive treatment. 

While hoping she gets well soonest and definitely walks again, I wish a long lasting solution is met to bring this crisis to an end.”

These are some pictures of what became of Tracy’s ankle after the incident:

To support Tracy’s family financially, kindly send Money via Mobile Money to any of the numbers on the flyer below. The numbers belong to Tracy’s father, Mr Gamnje Ebenezer Ndi. You can also call the numbers to reach her family.

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