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A breakdown of President Paul Biya’s speech for the 55th Youth Day Celebrations!

#BetaPipol as it is tradition, yesterday February 10th 2020, President Paul Biya made a speech on the occasion of the 55th Youth Day celebrations. For us, these are the highlights of his speech:

-He congratulated some 3 young Cameroonians who in recent times have caused Cameroon to be celebrated on an international level:

1- the writer, Djaïli AMADOU AMAL, 45, who won the Prix Goncourt des Lycéens 2020 in France;

2-the mathematician and computer scientist, Thystère Djob MVONDO, who brilliantly defended his doctorate thesis at the age of 22, making him the youngest to ever do it, worldwide,

3-the nuclear physicist, Arsène Stéphane TEMA BIWOLE, 28, at General Atomics; who partnered with NASA to create a formula to deflect nuclear turmoil.

-President Paul Biya mentioned some Youth Empowerment Programmes that he has told the government to set in motion. The programmes include:

-The “Special Youth” Three-year Plan which, in 2020, financed about 5 500 projects for a total amount of nearly 15 billion CFA francs, thus enabling the settlement of a little more than 16 000 young people in 66 second-generation pioneer villages.

-The Decent Employment Promotion Programme which aims to create  500 000 jobs during the 2021 financial year.

Lastly, a Paul Biya Speech

is not a Paul Biya speech if it doesn’t contain “words of wisdom.” These are some we gathered from the speech:

-Peace is a prerequisite for progress.

-Be pragmatic and persevering. Do not yield to pessimism and discouragement.

-Shun adventurous paths and those that seek easy gain.

-If you embark on the conquest of the world, come back to build your country. Promote Cameroon!

-Concerning national unity, some of you have unfortunately chosen to rally behind the demons of hatred and division, driven by barbaric fanaticism. They are “anti-role models”. I urge you to stay away from them!

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