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According to the UN Happiness Index, Cameroon is the 8th country in Africa with the Happiest citizens!

Beta Pipol according to the UN’s World Happiness Index for 2020, these👇are the 10 countries in Africa, whose citizens are the most happiest. The report is based on the happiness of the citizens in the cities, compared to that in rural areas, and how the local environment affects happiness. 

1- Mauritius (49th worldwide)

2- Libya (80th worldwide)

3- Ivory Coast (85th worldwide)

4- Benin (86th worldwide)

5- Congo Brazzaville (88th worldwide)

6- Ghana (91st worldwide)

7- Morocco (97th worldwide)

8- Cameroon (98th worldwide)

9- Algeria (100th worldwide)

10- Senegal (101st worldwide) 

Finland tops the list followed by Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway. Afghanistan is last on the list.

See the full ranking:

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