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Airports in Bertoua and Batouri to be rehabillitated and opened to air transport by the end of the year!

According to CRTV, Airports of Bertoua and Batouri are going to be rehabilitated and opened to air transport by the end of the year says the director general of the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority.
See CRTV social media news feed:
Meanwhile, there is an airport in Bamenda, which is only used as a military base, but not for commercial air transportation.
 There is also an airport in Tiko, which has been abandoned.
There is also an airport in Mamfe, which has been abandoned. 
Batouri and Bertoua are in the East region of Cameroon.
Right now in Cameroon, there is no active airport in Southern/West Cameroon
Only two airports are functional in Cameroon, as at now; Yaounde-Nsimaleng and Douala.
See list of all airports in Cameroon, as recorded by Wikipedia:
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