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Aisha Tyler Ordered To Pay Her Ex-Husband $2 Million

Host Star of  “The Talk” show Aisha Tyler has been ordered by the court to pay ex husband Jeff Tietjens a sum of $2 million after their official divorce.
The two who got married in 1992 filed for a divorce in 2016 after their split in 2015  and it was only this year that the divorce was pronounced where in the couple will split their properties.
Tietjens will keep the 2012 Lexus while Tyler gets the 2013 Tesla including her companies; BTDO Media and Hot Machine.
However, she is required by the court to pay as divorce settlements a sum of $31,250 per month over the next four years plus an additional $500,000.
Tyler in and interview went further to deny that that there was no court-ordered settlement, as reported, but a mutual agreement reached amicably by two people who intend to remain lifelong friends.
“I wish nothing but happiness and fulfillment for Jeff in his life going forward,” she added.

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