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Ali Sonko, a dishwasher becomes co-owner of world’s top restaurant!

After working as a farmer in the Gambia, Ali Sonko left for Copenhagen, where he eventually became a dishwasher at Noma, a Michelin-starred restaurant famed for experimental creations that have included, among other things, edible dirt. 
This week, more than three decades after he first arrived in Denmark, Mr. Sonko, a sprightly 62-year-old with a wide smile and 12 children, was promoted to part owner of the restaurant, widely regarded as being among the world’s best. 

He instantly became a powerful symbol of immigrant success in a country that is increasingly seen as being inhospitable to immigrants. 
After 14 years of cleaning the plates at Noma after meals that have included live shrimp, ants that taste like oranges, and sea coriander, Mr. Sonko will now take on added duties as host. 
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As long as you have breath, your dreams still have a chance of coming through to being true.
Be patient and believe.
It took Mr Sonko over 30 years, it may take you less or more, either ways, keep believing!
You will shine!

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