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Aloch237 feat King Arthur FB – Jusqu’au Bout ( Download Mp3)

The process of creating “Until the End” was particularly user-friendly. @Aloch237 and @King_Arthur_FB met in the
studio for an intense brainstorming session.
Together, they explored the main theme of the project, sharing their personal experiences and ideas.
They created the beat together, then recorded their vocals, combining their talents to bring this song to life.
Bozeur then took charge of the mixing and mastering, putting the finishing touches on this unique track.

“Until the end” is a project that celebrates sharing and community life. It talks about going together all the way,
through the ups and downs, valuing sincere friendships.

Technical sheet:
– Performer: Aloch 237, King Arthur FB
– Written and composed by: Aloch 237 & King Arthur FB
– Clip directed by: Director Chuzih
– Animate: Walish Art
– Beat maker: Andjamy
– Mix and master: Ekie Bozeur
– Label: Kimale Record & True label and consulting
– Choreography: Atangana Lastar, Maxime la vite, Loïc slow

Aloch237 feat King Arthur FB – Jusqu’au Bout ( Download Mp3)

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