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Amba Boy cuts off the right arm of an elderly man in Buea. This is what happened:

A man known as Mola Bame’s right arm was brutally cut-off by an alleged Amba Boy.

According to reports from eye-witnesses and neighbours, Mola Bame was at his home in Bova village on Sunday evening, drinking and discussing with two other friends, when this guy came to his compound.

He knew the guy in question. He is a native of the Bakweri tribe, just like the Mola Bame himself so it wasn’t an issue that the guy came over. Little did they know that the guy had joined “Amba Boys.”

The guy greeted the three men in Mola Bame’s house very well. They all responded. He pointed at Mola Bame and said he wanted to see him. Mola Bame responded gently that he could go ahead to say what he came to say, but the guy insisted that he wanted to see him privately.

So Mola Bame stepped out to see the guy. As he stepped out, the guy grabbed him forcefully and brutally cut off his right arm with a machete. Then he fled and left Mola Bame there to bleed.

Mola Bame’s two friends, upon seeing what happened fled for fear of their lives.

Mola Bame was lying unconscious. Then his family came and called the Mayor of Buea, who sent some military men to Mola Bame’s residence immediately. The military men then rushed him to the hospital.

Reports hold that the Amba Boy butchered Mola Bame’s arm because news reached them that Mola Bame served as an Informant to the military, giving out information about Amba Boys to the military.

See photos below:

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