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Amba Boys arrest 3 Francophones in Buea!

As reported by Eric Tataw for the National Telegraph:

3 men working with ENEO Buea, an electricity company arrested by Pro-Independence fighters have now appeared in a video, a copy of which National Telegraph has received. The rebels are clear it isn’t business as usual.

According to the video, one of them from Nkongsamba, a town in Littoral Region of Cameroon looked anxious to get freedom. The rebels say they’re detaining them on grounds of illegal immigration. The rebels had placed an embargo, stopping citizens from the French Regions of Cameroon from entering the English-speaking Regions.

They’re arguing that the two English-speaking Regions are now independent with the status of a full nation called Ambazonia. Under this backdrop, they have instructed other non-citizens to get proper documentation before entering or working in their new country – Ambazonia. 

The trio was arrested alongside the Chief of Centre for ENEO Buea, Mformem Egbe George, an English-speaking hatch. As Cameroon remains embattled with an armed conflict, rebels have sworn to stand strong against government in what they call Self-defense

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