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Amba Boys resign after the Military destroys their camp in Ekona Mbengue. Read their resignation letter:

On the night of September 15th breaking September 16th, the military stormed a camp belonging to the Ambazonia Defense Forces in Ekona Mbengue and destroyed it. Meanwhile as the military stormed the camp, the Amba Boys fled into the nearby bushes. This is the list of items that the military found in the camp:

– Huts,tarpaulins, materials
-01 Browning N245PV11220 Automatic Pistol and Charger Box;
-01 Valto Automatic Pistol, Italy 079286;
-01 PA artisanally manufactured;
– 15 homemade rifles;
– 06 rounds of 9 mm;
– 8 ammunition of 8 mm;
– 05 ammunition of 7.62mm;
– 39 ammunition of 12 gauge;
– 01 Knife;
– 05 ID Cards

See photos below!

Meanwhile from the side of the Amba Boys in Ekona Mbengue, they have opted to resign. This is the letter they wrote as seen on social media:

Collective resignation from General Belthus ADF branch, Ekona Mbenge.

We, Albert Tabong, Chris Tabong Tantoh, Ephraim Achu Enongchong and Devine Ngu,  soldiers of ADF, Ekona branch of General Belthus, have decided to resign from this Ambazonia fight. The raison of this is the deception we had from General Belthus last Sunday 16th September when militaries invaded our camp in Ekona Mbenge. 
First of all the militaries surprised us and could arrive our base while we knew our baba (witch doctor) told us that our camp was made invisible to defence forces of la republic. 
Secondly,  we have always been expecting to kill militaries of La republic when the opportunity could present. But General Belthus rather asked us to hide and let them destroy our camp we spent our energy to construct. We have been so disappointed to witness a coward General, hidding in the swamp and running from his main ennemy. General   Belthus was our heroe. But now he worths no respect. This is the reason of our resignation from the ambafight. We no longer know what we are struggling for. 
As we are resigning as from this Tuesday 18th September, we have heard that Dr Nicholas Ngu Santos,  Undersecretary in the IG has resigned from this fight few days ago through a letter he wrote to the Chair person of the IG, with complains of homosexuality, embezzlement, dictatorship and lack of vision from leaders of IG.  He was the Spokeperson of IG in USA, East Region. 
This fight for Ambaland will not prosper. We should look clear into it.

See photos of the items the military found in the ADF camp:

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