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Ambazonian soldier makes fierce video revealing their plans for the days ahead, sends warning message to President Paul Biya![watch video]

Ambazonia fighters

In view of the upcoming National Day, 20th May, Ambazonian army forces have publicly exposed themselves on social media, declaring that they are no longer in hiding, because they are no longer afraid.

Ambazonia Fighters

Young men, women and children, appeared well armed with guns and ammunition, fiercely singing the Ambazonian anthem, declaring that they would reclaim their land. Watch video below of them singing the Ambazonian Anthem:

One particular Ambazonian soldier, made a bold video, declaring that they(Ambazonian fighters) have declared ghost towns this week and they have decided to take the fighting and altercation to the major cities in the South West and North West.

He mentioned that they are done fighting in hiding. That for the fact that the government is terrorising the Anglophones in their own homes, making them to sleep in the bushes, they would fight and reclaim their land.

He said he has confidence that the land has been reclaimed already. He also issued bold warnings to President Paul Biya. Watch video below:

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