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Ambe breaks the internet with controversial cover art!

Our favorite bafut pikin; the one who grew up in Rendez-Vous in Bamenda; Ambe, just sparked controversy with his new album cover art. Just like the photo above demonstrates, the cover art is made out of a nude photo of Ambe. This is very similar to Petit Pays’ album cover art for his album; ‘Le Turbo D’Afrique’ which was released in the 90s.

Petit Pays’ Le Turbo d’Afrique’s album cover

Many Cameroonians are reprimanding Ambe for the cover art. Well. this is my opinion: Music is Art, and Art is expression. When I look at that cover art, this is what I see:
  1.  I see a re-birth. A while ago, Ambe changed his ‘artiste’ name from Denzyl to ‘Ambe’ which is his real name. That cover art interprets that transformation in his career.
  2. I see confidence. He is definitely confident and proud of his journey in the industry so far, and that will surely reflect in the album.
  3. I see honesty. This leaves me wanting to listen to the songs of the album because they will surely be realities in Ambe’s life, career and communities.
  4. I see somebody who is bearing out his heart. The songs will surely be a product of Ambe’s best work and effort, a product of all that is inside of him.
Ambe has never served us anything less than the best, and so this his coming album; La Star, which drops on the 30th of June will be nothing short of that. Best believe!!
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