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Ambe writes touching letter to his fans!

Our favorite bafut pikin; Ambe, has a touching note for a his fans. See what he wrote:

“Dear Fans, Supporters, Encouragers and not forgetting you “haters” ,I hope you are doing well and i pray this letter meets you in good health. 
I want to cease this opportunity to thank you all for the unconditional love, encouragement and support you guys have shown me ever since i released my first single rarararah rorororoh “RendezVous” as Ambe. 
I’m just a young Bafut, Bamenda-Rendezvous raised kid with nothing but talent and ambitions to be a rich man like Fotso Victor. It has always been a dream for me to collaborate with a huge musician and my song “Petit a Petit” with X Maleya is only one of those things that makes me to realize that dreams do come true.  I also want to use this opportunity to inform everyone trying to compare me with others who they claim are “popular” or richer than me to understand that life is not a 100M race and i am not trying to be popular or richer more than anybody, we all are born with different stars and different purposes. 
 I’m “Here To Stay” like the title of Daphne’s album which is available in stores go and buy it 🙂 and to do music that will impact people base on where i come from, music that a man riding okada, a young boy who’s family cannot afford School fee and is now working as a moto boy, a young girl who is smart but due to family poverty she is forced to be a callbox girl or a house girl like my sister was, even though now she has made it big too and now leaving in Canada, a taxi man, or even a woman selling igbo cocoyams, and water leaves in Ntarinkon Market Bamenda like how my mother use to, to be able to raised her kids before she passed, music that someone can listen to and make a difference and know, not believe i said ‘KNOW’ they will become whatever they ever dreamt of becoming “From grass to grace that is my story” i hope wuna di feel me? if you doubt it go to youtube and listen to how i write and compose my songs 1) Ambe-Rendezvous 2) Ambe-Les Filles De Mon Pays 3) Ambe- Dbou 4) Ambe- Double Double and my most recent song featuring X Maleya 5) Ambe feat X Maleya- Petit A Petit (Small Small). I do not do music in search of BUZZ!!!! but music that willl help give hope to my people who seem to have lost it, and still at that, they can still dance and have some fun (My purpose) go Bamenda , pass for Rendezvous, Small mankon, End of Tar longler, Below Cemetery, Behind Catholic School Ngomgham, Ntarinkon K-Place this are places i grew up and life no be easy oh, and e no still easy … ask around, We all have our stories but just before you are quick to judge the results, try to find out about the process that brought bout that said results. 
Anyways all i’m trying to say is lets not compare ourselves to one another we are all blessed differently for different purpose and we should all set our goals, pray for long life, work hard towards achieving our said goals and “Petit A Petit” our dreams will definitely become a reality, like mine just did with “Petit A Petit” feat X Maleya, We no dey the same, some man most always pass you and you too pass some man, like some naija blog said “D’Banj na super star for Naija but for Etas he is an upcoming artist”, 
 I’m still dreaming of being a Rich man like Aladji Dangote. PS. The journey continues “Petit a Petit” featuring X Maleya Video soon!!  DOWNLOAD Audio mp3 “

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