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Amnesty International calls for the release of barrister Agbor Balla and Dr Fontem Neba!

Amnesty International; a Non-Governmental Human rights organisation, declared in statement today, that the Cameroon government should immediately and unconditionally release two civil society leaders [Barrister Agbor Balla Felix Nkongho and Dr Fontem Neba] arrested in the English-speaking part of the country.

They were arrested on Tuesday, 17th of January following the banning of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium by the minister of territorial administration.

Amnesty International Central Africa Researcher; Ilaria Allegrozzi, said:

“These two men have been arrested solely for the peaceful exercise of their right to freedom of expression. This flagrant disregard for basic rights risks inflaming an already tense situation in the English-speaking region of the country and is clearly an attempt to muzzle dissent.

This worrying pattern of arbitrary arrests, detention and harassment of civil society members is entirely at odds with the international human rights law and standards that Cameroon has committed to uphold,”

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