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Anglophone arrested in Bonamoussadi; Douala, for speaking English!

Old picture of Cameroon police in active duty
A Cameroonian from the English speaking part of Cameroon, specifically from Bamenda, was arrested day before yesterday in Bonamoussadi, Douala, just because he speaks English.
What happened was that he was at home with his family; his wife and child, when their door bell rang. They opened to see military people who came in and arrested the man. 
The military people said their neighbour(a francophone), called the police and reported them for being ‘Ambazonians’ because everytime, the man and his friends are heard speaking in English from his home.
They picked the man up and took him to the Gendarmerie headquarters in Douala. He is due in the military Tribunal in Douala today.
We were reliably informed by a source close to the family.
The man in question is just an English speaking Cameroonian who is struggling to make ends meet in Douala like every other person in Douala. 
The only reason why his french speaking neighbour called the police on him for being an ‘Ambazonian‘ is the fact that they hear him and his friends speaking English in his home.
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