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Anglophone Consortium disowns Tassang Wilfred!

Since the president of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium; Agbor Balla, and the Secretary General; Dr Fontem Neba, were arrested on January 17th, the programs coordinator of the Consortium; Tassang Wilfred has served as one of the only principal orators to the consortium, but apparently he has been making utterances that go against the stance of the consortium. 

He has been signing some press releases on behalf of the consortium which are calling for the independence of Southern Cameroons, meanwhile the stance of the consortium is Federation.

Journal Du Cameroun had a sit down with Agbor Balla and Fontem Neba in Kondengui and they disassociated themselves from every association which is preaching independence of Southern Cameroons.
“The consortium has never changed its stance. It is true that the people’s thinking might be changing, but as leaders of the Consortium, we maintain that we are for a two-state federation. However, people who are in favour or craving for independence have the right to do so, but not in the name of the Consortium” –Barrister Agbor Balla stressed.
Tassang Wilfred, who is in hiding in Nigeria is heading an independent association called SCACUF whose major objective is to fight for the independence of Southern Cameroons. Agbor Balla and Tassang Wilfred both hold that Tassang should not be mixing up his activities in SCACUF with those of the Consortium.
“It is good to point out that we cannot be criticising a system or certain leadership styles and systematically building same. We have learned with disappointment that Anglophones are victimising and intimidating others on social media.  A silent majority that shared the ideologies of federalism apparently would no longer speak their minds even on social media for fear of being tagged, black legs, sell outs or other bad names,” Dr Fontem chipped in.
Agbor Balla also told Journal du Cameroun  that the Consortium is against any group forcing or intimidating citizens to respect ghost towns or forcing teachers and lawyers to respect the on-going strike. “People are supposed to be educated. When they understand the reasons for the strike and find it important to be part of it, they will support it. The use of force or violence is out of place” said he.
Dr Fontem Neba insisted by saying “Permit restate that we are against all forms of violence. We are leaders of a legal organisation and we are not for disintegration of the country”
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