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Anglophone teachers in Yaounde boycott marking of the Common Entrance Examinations!

As reported by CNA , Anglophone teachers in Yaounde have reportedly refused to mark the Common Entrance scripts due to unpaid dues.

According to a prime ministerial decree, teachers are supposed to be paid 120Frs per script marked, but over the years the money has been reduced to 60Frs, which the teachers have been collecting.

This year, the money has been further reduced to 27Frs. The teachers held a meeting with the Regional Delegate for Basic Education in the Center region, advancing several reasons why they would not mark scripts this year, with the 27frs per script as one of the major reasons, stating that the money was too small.

The regional delegate told them to “leave it” if they were not satisfied with it.

So the teachers got even more disgruntled and have decided not to mark the papers even for the 60Frs that they used to collect before per script, they are now demanding what the prime ministerial order states, which is 120frs.

Some of the disgruntled teachers

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