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‘Annual show’, Camer’s popular fashion event is indebted!!

‘Annual show’ is a fashion event that holds after every two years, irony, if you ask me because the show is named ‘ANNUAL’ show. The last edition held in November 2014 in Saint John’s plaza, Douala. It saw about 50 models from Cameroon, 8 from Nigeria and 8 from Cote d’Ivoire. But guess what, the models from Cameroon were not paid their stipulated fees for the event. Prior to the event, they were promised a fee of 50,000frs each for participating. But it turns out they were scammed! None of them received a dime! Perhaps those from Buea and yaounde did benefit a little from annual show money because they were hosted in Douala during the event. But they all left with the hope that they would be called to come and get their pay, but they are still waiting for that call till today. How sad! Considering the fact that they had to parade in front of a crowd that was sparsely populated with fashion enthusiasts, but with people that were so indulged in their meals that they hardly had time to watch the runway. That was really mean! Fashion enthusiasts like myself were disgruntled by the fact that the show was like a buffet instead of an actual fashion show, with people looking at their plates of food instead of the runway! Well, I’m sure you can feel my disapproval of this whole situation from where you are, and that’s because I was at the auditions in Douala, I saw the excitement those girls had upon being chosen, and the sacrifices they took to participate. Some of them skipped classes, only for their efforts to be taken for granted? With the long list of sponsors they had, and the quality of people in attendance, I doubt that money was really a problem. I really doubt!!

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