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Anti-Biya protesters make President Paul Biya’s stay at hotel in France unbearable: They broke door to the hotel, attack his convey, force him to escape through backdoor! Watch video :

President Paul Biya and eight other people are in Paris(France), on French President; Emmanuel Macron‘s invitation to attend the Paris Peace Forum which is taking place from November 11th to 13th.

This Monday evening, November 11th, Anti-Biya protesters went in their numbers, gathered infront of the hotel where he was lodging, protesting, calling him derogatory names and shouting. They caused traffic and total chaos in the vicinity.

One of the protesters broke the door to the entrance of the hotel, as he engaged in a fight with one of President Paul Biya’s guards.

The French police on duty called for back up and about 500 more police men came to the scene.

President Paul Biya and his entourage fled the hotel through the back door, and went to an unknown destination.

One of his entourage members stepped out of the hotel through the front door, almost got attacked by the protesters, but he successfully got into his car and fled as well.

Watch video:

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