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Arré addresses haters on Twitter!

A couple of days ago, budding Cameroonian artist, Arré, released a single titled “Love Won’t Take Much Time” which has absolutely gone viral online! On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; fans are posting videos, creating memes, with the harshtag #LWTMT because they obviously can’t get enough of the song. Here are screenshots of a few of the several tweets:

With all this buzz surrounding the song, it has gotten over 125, 000 plays on soundcloud, in only 6 days! That is history right there because no hit song in Camer has had that number of plays on Soundcloud in so short a period of time. While many people are excited about this new trend, a few people don’t believe it! Some took to Twitter this morning to say that all those plays were bought!
See the tweets:

 O_O  Is that hate or what? As well as I believe that people are entitled to their opinions, I personally feel that people should not make statements in public and on social media about stuff that they can not prove. Unless they show me the receipts of the bought plays, their claims are null and void to me! This is a classic case of people trying to pull down another, instead of celebrating their success. See the tweets below:

This, of course sparked a reaction from Arré, who took to his Twitter to respond. Read what he had to say:


He definitely is doing something right!


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