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Arrey releases new album titled ‘On Point’

Arrey Etang aka Arrey has finally given us an album!

Arrey is a very versatile artist, his music cuts across RnB, afro-pop and Rap. He is able to convey contagious emotions through his music. Emotions like falling in love and being merry.

He has recorded a couple of highlights in his career. One of the most significant ones is his participation in ‘MTN Cameroon make the Music contest’ in 2014 where he emerged as the 4th runner up of the competition.

He has also lightened several stages with his blazing performances over the years.
He melted hearts with the release of his single; titled ‘Love won’t take much time’ featuring Tzy Panchak of Blu Nation.

His maiden video for his single ‘Low Waist‘, took everybody to the dancefloor!

He is now thrilling us with his maiden album, titled ‘On Point’ which is a compilation of his masterpieces over time.

It contains 10 well crafted tracks that each spur different emotions in the heart of the listener!

Stream and download Arrey’s ‘On Point’ album here!

The tracks are:

1) ARREY – Education for Sustainable Development X DeeCy by arreyetang #np on #SoundCloud
2) ARREY – Elevate by arreyetang #np on #SoundCloud
3) ARREY – Breath ft. Dijaykarl by arreyetang #np on #SoundCloud
4) ARREY – Jump Off – (Studio Freestyle) by arreyetang #np on #SoundCloud
5) ARREY – Money Dey by arreyetang #np on #SoundCloud
6) ARREY – Money on My Mind ft. Banye X Chick Nick by arreyetang #np on #SoundCloud
7) ARREY – One In A Million by arreyetang #np on #SoundCloud
8) ARREY – Ce Que Tu Ne Veux Pas – (Studio Freestyle) by arreyetang #np on #SoundCloud
9) BTR – PECOS(Bonus Track) by arreyetang #np on #SoundCloud
10) ARREY – Super Réme (Produced by Deejae_Vybz) by arreyetang #np on #SoundCloud
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