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Askia admits to drug addiction in her past, confirms her exit from Alpha Better Records, and why she left:

On Nabil Fongod‘s Nabstar Radio Show last Friday, Askia let out alot of personal and sensitive information, responding to questions that have been looming in the minds of her fans for a while now.

She spoke out on her addiction to hard drugs. She said there was a time when she considered suicide.

She revealed that she is no longer a part of the Alpha Better Records family.

She said at Alpha Better Records, the label was making her do music that she did not want to do. She said she did not feel like herself.

Alot of times she felt deserted and lonely, during the period when she was under the label, but was not releasing new music.

At that time in her life when she felt empty, she sought solace in hard drugs.

According to her words, she is clean, and free from drug use. She is an independent artiste, working on herself, and her music.

She now has the freedom to do the type of music she has always wanted to do, and that’s what she is doing.

Askia exuded a lot of positive vibes and sincere emotions and we sincerely wish her the best.

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