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At least 25 people dead in Mbankolo landslide

The death toll of the landslide which occurred in Mbankolo, Yaounde, following torrential rainfall on Sunday night, October 8, has risen to more than 25 deaths.

The commander of the firefighting unit carrying out rescue operations, gave the figures Monday morning, indicating that more bodies are still under the rubble.

Reports say over thirty houses were destroyed.

The Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Celestine Ketcha Courtes, visited the area and said the population failed to take precaution after being told to evacuate a month ago.

She made the call once more; “We are calling on those who are still in the area to leave, because we don’t know what can happen next” the housing minister pleaded.

An old dyke in the neighborhood is said to have given way during Sunday’s rainfall, releasing water which rushed down the Mbankolo hill heavily.

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