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Ateh Bazore has been elected new president of SONACAM!

BetaPipol A new Era is dawning for artistes, as Ateh Bazore got elected as president of the Board of Directors of the National Society of Musical Art(SONACAM). He is taking over from Sam Fan Thomas. 

The elections took place yesterday at the Palais des Congrès in Yaoundé. Ateh Bazore came in first with 254 votes against 185 for Jean Pierre Essome, 85 for Messi Ambroise and 69 for Wax Dey.

Apart from Ateh Bazore who is the new President, the other leaders of SONACAM are:

– 1st Vice President: Serges Rafric

– 2nd vice president: Beko Sadey

– Supervisory Board: Ndedi Eyango

-Ethics, discipline and arbitration committee: Dinaly

-Identification, admission and classification committee: Louis De KUM,

-Commission for the control of programs, online music and distribution: DJ Bilick.

Ateh Bazore is a veteran Cameroonian artiste who hails from Boyo Division in the North West Region. His genre of music is African Folklore. 

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