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BAL – Nkwain Kennedy, an inspiration to young African basketballers

Cameroonian basketballer, Nkwain Kennedy, is proof that if you have a dream, cling tight to it and it will come true.

When Kennedy was growing up, he wanted to become a basketballer, but there were no playing opportunities. Scouts and basketball agents hardly reached Bamenda, his hometown. 

Kennedy did not also have access to modern training equipment. 

He told himself that instead of waiting, he will use what he has around him to train. He said he will not end up like other people in Bamenda who have the dream to play, but rather write the CENAJES exam and end up being a sports teacher in a school. He was determined to be an exception.

He started doing research online, then began using equipment around him like bottles etc, to train.

His videos went viral and trended in the US, with millions of views.

Kennedy got the attention of several NBA superstars, and that’s how the executives of the Basketball Africa League found him. They sent their agents to visit him in Cameroon, in order to have an appraisal of what he was doing.

A few months after the visit, the BAL invited him to Kigali (Rwanda) on a paid trip to experience the BAL finals.

Kennedy has said he is enjoying his experience at the BAL. He said he has met several basketball superstars, whom he only saw on TV or online. They encouraged him to keep up.

He had the opportunity to train with some basketballers in the BAL finalist teams, thus broadening his understanding of basketball.

Joakim Noah described him as an example of a young inspirational person.

Kennedy’s dream is to play in the NBA. It is everyone’s wish to see the dream come true.

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