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Bamenda: Woman abandons child in front of former orphanage building

A little girl aged barely two years old was found along the Foncha Street in Bamenda on Tuesday, May 22, standing alone in front of a building that was once an orphanage.

Inhabitants of the area said a woman had been seen standing with the child moments earlier, before abandoning her.

“The mother of this little girl abandoned her in front of this building because this was once an orphanage but it’s no longer an orphanage” Ngala Elvis, the man who found the child pointed out.

In the video which he took himself, Ngala explained that the child was seen at about 2:00 pm. “I met the girl walking down the street and I was confused because she looked too small to be walking all alone.”

The man said he thought the girl was part of a primary school which was in the area. “I held her thinking that she was one of theirs that had left the premises” he said, adding that he confirmed it was a case of abandonment when he saw a sack of baby clothes by the side.

“Something pushed me to check on the content of the sack. It’s from the content that I noticed it was a case of abandonment” Ngala Elvis said.

Several people have described the act as “despicable”, while others consider it permissible for a mother who is unable to cater for the child.

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