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Bidoung Mkpatt speaks out on the Bidoung Challenge!

The minister of Sports; Pierre Ismael Bidoung Kpwatt, was invited to the CRTV radio show; ‘Politude’, and when asked about the ‘Bidoung Challenge‘ which was inspired by, a salutation which he granted to the Head of State; President Paul Biya, in a very precise posture, he responded saying that; The Head of State is an institution, a prestigious personality, a such everything done to him has to be done with utmost reverence.

He said he applauds the youths for their creativity and their mastery of social media, and that the message he was sending across with that greeting, is that the Head of States; President Paul Biya, deserves utmost respect and reverence and he is happy that the youths got that message.

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