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Big Babanki: Authorities condemn kidnapping of women, demand immediate release

Authorities have expressed disappointment in the kidnapping and torture of women in Kedjom-Keku, a village in Big Babanki, Tubah subdivision of the Mezam division in the Northwest region.

The women who were kidnapped on May 19, were carrying out a peaceful protest against the imposition of a monthly levy on all households in the area. Men had been ordered to pay 10,000 FCFA, while women pay 5,000 FCFA.

The Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam termed the act “gender-based violence and untold barbarism against armless civilians”. He assured the population that diligent investigations are underway to track down the perpetrators of the “cruel act” and “present them to the judicial authorities”.

PCC Moderator Fonki Samuel Forba, described it as “a shameless act of crowned cowardice”. The Rite Reverend pointed out that “This bestial act is just one among the litany of gory and horror stories of torture, killings, kidnappings for ransom, extended periods of forceful lockdowns, terror and fear.”

“We call on those concerned to unconditionally restore those women to their dignity and the right to decent life” Rev. Samuel Forba said.

Over thirty women were kidnapped on Friday, with two shot in the leg and are currently hospitalized.

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