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Bishop of Bafia; Center Region, mysteriously disappears!

Jean Marie Benoit Balla

Yesterday, Jean Marie Benoit Balla, the bishop of Bafia; locality in the Center region of Cameroon, reportedly went missing. His car was found, parked on the Ebebda bridge over the Sanaga River, which is a few kilometers from Yaounde, with a note in it that read “Je suis dans l’eau” meaning “I am in the water.” Beside the note were his ID, Licence and car documents.  All the doors of the vehicle were locked. Fishermen reportedly saw the car, but none of them saw him jumping. See photos from the scene:

This has raised suspicions of a possible suicide, but his body is no where to be found. Some reports hold it that last week, the rector of the seminary in that same locality died mysteriously.

Let it be known that this matter of mysterious disappearance of bishops and priests in the catholic church is an issue that has been lingering for a long time. In 1985, when Pope John Paul II arrived in Cameroon, he raised questions as to why mysterious deaths of bishops and priests have not been properly accounted for.

The president of the Episcopal Conference in Cameroon; Samuel Kléda, just released a statement about the disappearance of the bishop of Bafia, recounting the events that took place and calling on all to pray for him as they look for him.

 See statement below:

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