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Biya’s Speech Agbor Balla Reacts

“Barrister Agbo Balla Nkongho says his wish and expectation from President Paul Biya tonight is to get the following: Yes to All Inclusive Dialogue,  Free All Arrested, Political Reforms And Abounced Constitutional Amendments.”

 Cabral Libii Reacts.

“Cabral Libii says his main expectation tonight is that the much desired inclusive dialogue to solve the anglophone crisis be announced even before the end of the first minute of the speech of President Paul Biya.”

“compatriots die! A lot of blood has been flowing. This is the priority of priorities. Do it Mr President. If that is not why you express yourself tonight, then don’t forget. Any other speech will be vain or, inappropriate”. Cabral Libii on his official

 As expectations keep streaming in as regards the Head of state’s exceptional address, All the students who benefited from the PBs could also be called upon to refund them. One never knows, am off, catch you at 8:00p

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