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Black Coffee wants to rehabilitate his arm

DJ Black Coffee has begun therapy to rehabilitate his left arm after 27 years since the accident that left his hand paralysed.

Speaking to CNN recently, Black Coffee said while many were curious about his next big international collab, he was secretly working on something more personal. “People ask me ‘what are you working on?’. Silently I know that this is what I am working on now,” Black Coffee said, patting his arm. “I am training it and trying to bring back life into it.”

The musician was involved in the accident that had the potential of derailing his dreams when he was 14 years old. Black Coffee said that kids would often tease him about his arm but instead of being depressed by the accident it forced him to be the best musician he could. “I don’t think that I would be here if it (the accident) didn’t happen because I started knowing that I didn’t really have as many options as other people. What is my talent? Let me research and work on it and be the best at it,” he said.

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