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Blanche Bailly celebrates her Baby Shower with her Baby Daddy, family and close friends!

#BetaPipol wa Blanche Bailly di born na boy pikin💙
E make e baby shower yesterday wit e close family and friends dem. 
E di born di ending July…
Congratulations again Larinette 💙
Sotey Biopharma dey dash e some fine gift… 
So, una don ova wan see e Baby Daddy, we spot e for e Baby Shower. Dat paddyman way dey for the end of di👇 video, on the right end, way tall, di wear glasses, di sip champagne, na e☺️
We be teh una say na some fine, young, rich businessman nor ? 😃 Na e eye dat. 
Den e industry friendem; Phillbill Beats and Blaise B be be dey…
Na pictures dem dis:

Blanche Bailly with mom

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