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Bloody violent clash between Bassas and Hausas in NewBell leaves several wounded!

Police intervention in NewBell yesterday

Yesterday two neighborhoods in the city of NewBell in Douala got involved in severe violent clashes. The two neighborhoods are ‘KDD’ and ‘Babylone.’

KDD is predominantly inhabited by people from the Hausa tribe, and Babylone is predominantly inhabited by people of the Bassa tribe.

What caused the fight was the fact that a resident of the KDD neighborhood was found dead yesterday morning, with his corpse dumped in the Babylone neighborhood, and it was believed that he was killed by residents of the Babylone neighborhood for stealing a bike.

Guy that was allegedly killed for stealing a bike

So the residents of the KDD neighborhood came out in their numbers in the late hours of yesterday to revenge their ‘brother’ who was killed by fighting residents of Babylone. They came out with machetes and knives.

It was a severe altercation that has left several wounded. Authorities still have to report on the extent of the violence. Forces of law and order were employed to the area to instill calm. They are still patrolling KDD and Babylone to make sure no more violence takes place.

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