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Bow Wow caught lying on Instagram!

American rapper/actor ; Shad Moss aka Bow Wow just got busted! The 30 years old posted a photo to his 3.4 Million followers on Instagram claiming he was flying with a private Jet to do his press tours.

Screenshot of photo posted by Bow Wow

Unfortunately for him, he was on a commercial flight on which one of his followers was travelling as well, and that one didn’t hesitate to take a photo of him in the commercial plane, exposing his previous lie that he was flying with a private jet!

Photo taken and posted by fan on snapchat, snapchat takes photos in real time, so he was in deed in that commercial flight

Fans took to google to search the photo he posted and even discovered that he copied the photo of his alleged private jet from google photos…

Screenshot of photo from Google
which Bow Wow copied and reposted as his private jet

We know the struggle is real, but is the crave for a public perception that is far from reality that deep? Is it that serious? SMH

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