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Bow Wow Shares parties with naked girls!

Looks like Bow Wow has decided to be a constant trending topic on social media lately.
Just a couple of weeks ago, he was caught posting a stock photo of a private jet which he claimed to have bought. This caught a lot of attention and even a lawsuit was filed against him for sharing fake photos on the net.
This time around, the rapper did a live streaming of his hotel suite party in Las Vegas in which he ended up kicking one girl out of his room.
This video involved the rapper and his friends with a bunch of girls who were half naked drinking and partying. The girls could be seen putting on only pants and their breasts were fully exposed as they rubbed them in front of the camera and even permitted some of the males to rub it for them.
The party started turning rough when one of the ladies opposed the rapper filming her face. This let to a serious argument between the two and the rapper finally kicked the girl out.
The rapper could be heard in the video saying; “Fucked up on your shot. You try to cheat and pull that shit in my city. I can’t fuck with no scary ass, I don’t do that scary shit. She wanna follow me, but she scary though.”
“All I’m saying is this. Don’t put me on your Snap [if you ain’t gonna] be on Instagram Live. She ain’t show her face. She ain’t even bad enough to show no face, nigga. Fuck her. I don’t give a fuck,” he reiterates. “This is normal shit for us. I’m being respectful. I could be disrespectful. I’m being respectful. She been Snapchatting niggas all day! I could be like, ‘I don’t wanna get on your Snapchat,’” he continued till when he kicked the girl out of his suit.

Watch the 15 minute live stream video below;

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