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Breaking News: Allegedly, South West Elites are the ones who advised the government to cut internet in West Cameroon!

Cameroon News! The Guardian Post newspaper today; February, 3rd, gives details about what was discussed at the South West Elites Forum in Buea. Their headlines read:
“-Chief Atem Ebako says Ghost Town, Lawyers and Teachers strike in South West spearheaded by Northwesterners.
-Professor Nalova Lyonga blames ‘graffis’ for championing violent protests in University of Buea
-Musonge says the time has come for South westerners to fight for themselves
-Chief Tabetando revealed South West Elites advised the government to shut don internet in Anglophojne regions
-Elites say North Westerners should not have allowed South West students in University of Bamenda if University of Buea didn’t exist”
See the news paper cover for yourself:

All we are saying; #BringBackOurInternet 
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