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Breaking News: Consortium transfers operations from Cameroon to Europe after ban from government!

Yesterday, the Cameroon government via the Minister of Territorial administration and Decentralization declared all activities of the Cameroon Anglophone consortium illegal.
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Hence, their operations can no longer be freely exercised within Cameroon.

According to an anglophone journalist and political/social activist; Mark Bareta, based in Sweden, who has been very influential in the strike via his blog and influence on social media; the consortium has transferred their operations to Europe and the West, by appointing him; Mark Bareta and another Cameroonian journalist and political/social activist; Tapang Ivo, based in New York, USA, who has also been very influential in the strike via his influence on social media.

Read full statement below:

However, this declaration has been met with a lot of controversy as people are doubting if in effect it was written by the consortium, for the following reasons:

-It was not released via the consortium’s website; or official Facebook page like the other press releases.
-Tassang Wilfred; Secretary General of the consortium is not yet detained so he could have issued/signed the statement.

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