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Breaking News: Miss Cameroon 2016; Julie Nguimfack, dethroned and replaced!

Julie Nguimfack; Miss Cameroon 2016
During the finals of the Miss Cameroon 2016 competition in July last year; Julie Nguimfack Cheugueu, won as Miss Cameroon 2016
Later that same year, 2016, she made headlines because she was refused a visa by the US embassy in Cameroon to participate for The Miss World competition. 
To that effect she released a statement saying that she was refused the visa by the US embassy because COMICA(committee in charge of the miss Cameroon competition) wrote a letter to the US embassy in Cameroon saying that Miss Julie Nguimfack had plans to stay in the US and not return after the miss world competition. 
She also mentioned that COMICA had not paid the participation fee of $2500(about 1 500 000 FCFA) required by the Miss World Competition.
Last week, COMICA launched the 2017 edition of the Miss Cameroon competition, and that was when they made the announcement that Miss Cameroon 2016; Julie Nguimfack Cheugueu had been dethroned, and replaced with her 4th Dauphine; Miss South West; Ange Minkata
They said the first Dauphine resigned, the second and third Dauphines are not available, that’s why they went for the 4th Dauphine.
COMICA claims they have dethroned her because she is not disciplined; they have tried to act as parents, and they have tried to use the whip but to no avail. They say that they lost the participation of Miss Cameroon at the Miss World competition and they don’t want to loose others, that is why they have replaced her. Read all about it HERE.
Meanwhile Julie Nguimfack responded that the crown can be taken off her head and the golden sash taken away from her, but the smiles on people’s faces and the joy they exuded when she won cannot be taken from her and that is what mattered the most to her, that was her real victory. 
Read all about it HERE
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