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BRICS agrees to add six more members

Six more countries have been admitted into the Brics group at the end of the 15th summit of the bloc in Johannesburg.

Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Argentina and Egypt will officially be part of the group as from January 1, 2024. It is presently made up of Brazil, China, India, South Africa and Russia.

China was the state which pushed hardest for expansion. The representatives said it will help counter Western dominance.

Host president Cyril Ramaphosa, said more countries will join in the future after the core nations agree on criteria for membership.

Before the three-day summit which ended on August 24, over 40 countries had expressed the desire to join the group.

Brazil was very conscious about maintaining ties with its Western allies, and was picky about admittance. It was same for India.

Brazil also pushed for a common currency for the bloc. The proposal remains under review.

Vladimir Putin attended via video link due to the danger of being arrested over alleged war crimes in Ukraine.

The Russian president took aim at Western powers, saying they posed a threat to both traditional values in developing countries and to the emergence of a world where no one country or bloc has to dominate.

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