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Budding Cameroonian Artiste; Ulanda, releases a makossa inspired piece titled ‘one day.’

#BetaPipol a hot new single from new Cameroonian Artiste; Ulanda is out ! 

Budding new artiste; Ulanda, débuts her YouTube Channel with the video premiere of her new single titled ‘One Day.’

Her sultry voice and captivating lyrics will evoke emotions within you!

What gives this story life is that the video takes place in an 80s Duala cabaret and the rich culture of her homeland shines through the genre of the song.

Ulanda explained her love and exploration for the Makossa genre which isn’t very popular among current mainstream acts as a connection to her roots. She grew up listening to and trying to emulate the Bebe Mangas, Ben Decca and Grace Deccas. 

In face of all the adversities, ‘one day’ promises of a love( success) that will definitely come.

Click below to watch:

Stay tuned to her social media pages @ulandaulanda for more! 


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