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Buea Mayor locks down 250 shops, businesses and banks in Buea

BetaPipol Di Monday way pass, the new Mayor for Buea(persin way replace Ekema), lock over 250 shops, businesses and banks for Buea…

Why ?

Bicos dey obey Ghost Town, lock dier businesses dem.

The Mayor say for about 1 month, dey take time for tok wit business pipo dem, for convince dem make dey understand why dey geh for open dier business places dem on Monday, but e no work, so dey decide for take harsh decisions dem.

E say before the businesses dey open bak, dey go get for pay 25,000frs for council. And before dey pay dat 25,000frs, dey go sign undertaking say dey no go eva respect Ghost Town again.

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